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It’s so nice to be back on the East Coast and live closer to my family, but Chris and I are definitely missing Oregon! We would love to keep booking weddings in Portland and the surrounding areas, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if your wedding is going to be in the Pacific Northwest! Chris’ family still lives in Portland so we love having an excuse to visit (and eat at all of our favorite Portland restaurants)!

Our most popular wedding package is definitely our joint DJ + Photography package. My husband, Chris, is an A/V Technician and musician who has a serious passion for music. He spins a combination of vinyl and digital music, which means he can create custom playlists for you while also throwing in some of his own favorites from his vinyl collection. I like to describe my wedding photography style as candid, creative and comfortable. I shoot a mixture of film and digital images, which means you get to have that soft, vintage film look for some of your wedding photos, and that clean, crisp, modern look as well. To me, it’s important to give you a variety of photos from your wedding day so you’re not stuck with only posed photos. You can view my wedding photography here! My favorite images to give my couples are dreamy double exposures, colorful polaroids, and silly candid photos to remember your day by.

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<3 Myles & Chris

Here are a few photos of us being us!


Polaroid Automatic 330 Land Camera Review & How To


The Polaroid Automatic 330 Land Camera is one of my FAVORITE cameras that I own. The photos are amazingly sharp, it’s super cool to look at AND you can use it to do double exposures. This is all I personally care about in a camera which is why it’s in my Top 5, for sure. I just posted a review and how-to on my YouTube channel, Cameras & Cats, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in learning more about this camera!

I’ve included a few of my favorite images I’ve taken over the years with this camera - from Paris to Poland to Hawaii and all over the US. Feel free to ask any questions you have about this camera in the comments below. Have a magical day!