Annie Montgomery - Portland, Oregon

I was so excited when Annie agreed to meet up for a photo shoot. I've been running across photos of her for a while now and I was dying to photograph her. She is such a beautiful, kind person and I am so excited to share these images with you! This shoot was extra exciting because I stumbled across a working polaroid camera and finally got to try the Impossible Project Film for the first time! I honestly didn't think the photos would turn out at all considering the camera hasn't been used in like... 20 years. The photos took about 3 hours to fully develop and since I'm such an impatient person, I pretty much gave up on the idea that they would turn out after about 10 minutes. Butttt... they DID turn out! Yay!

Now I have one more camera to carry around to add to my dorkiness.

I also shot a few rolls of 120 mm film with my Holga and had some fun with double exposures. I'm always so nervous now that my film will get lost/turn out blank, but thank goodness it didn't this time around!

Sorry for the abundance of photos... Hope you like! :)

Model: Annie Montgomery

Location: Lower Macleay Park