Astoria, Oregon + Cannon Beach, Oregon - Holga Kitchen Sink Kit & Fisheye Lens

A few weekends ago, we took a day trip to Astoria, Oregon to see the Goonies House. I decided to experiment with my new Holga Kitchen Sink kit, particularly the Fisheye Lens. I've never been especially interested in the Fisheye Lens. I always felt like it was a skateboard/BMX thing for some reason.. But I had quite a bit of fun using Holga lenses on my digital camera. In fact, I think it's almost as exciting as using my actual Holga (which is still getting repaired...)! Astoria was beautiful in a quiet, gloomy way. Maybe it was just the weather, but my boyfriend and I agreed that it similar to Alaska. I specifically remember a moment from my Alaskan trip a few years ago, when I walked out onto the deck of the boat we were on and was greeted by the most desolate, lonely & breathtaking view. I've never felt more peacefully alone than I did at that moment. The world seemed so still and flawless. I'll include the photo from Alaska that I took of that view. My apologies for the image quality. I was just a budding photographer at the time :)

So after I nearly got attacked by a sea lion, we traveled on down to Cannon Beach with just enough time to get some photos before the sun went down. It was absolutely freezing, and I lost my favorite pair of mittens, but it was a good time nonetheless. I love Cannon Beach so very much.


View from my cruise boat in Alaska in 2007.

Me at the Goonies House in Astoria, Oregon.

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