Breakfast Crew - Rugby | Music Video Release

Hey world!

My band, Rugby, released a brand new music video and single this week called “Breakfast Crew”. It’s quirky, light-hearted and filled with lots of bright colors, breakfast food and cats. I also edited, directed and starred in the video alongside my boyfriend, Chris. It was quite an experience learning how to put all the pieces together, but we are super excited about how it turned out. We have plans of many more videos in the future so make sure to check back on our YouTube channel. :) We are in the process of finishing a full-length album, expected to release before the end of the year, called “Worldly Wise”. We will also be posting some upcoming shows around the PNW on our facebook page, so stay tuned!

breakfast crewunicorns and breakfastcheese whiz breakfast crewOur friend, Matt Widmann of Wooden Mirror Pictures, filmed the video. He is incredibly talented and has worked on tons of other music videos as well (he also has a pretty amazing cheez whiz cameo in the video). Gina Campbell did a phemonemal job on hair and makeup, as usual. My friend, Allison, wrote a lovely review of the video and song on her blog, Votre Grande Soeur. Thank you so much to everyone that has been a part of this video and helped promote it. We truly appreciate it!

View the video on Youtube
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Breakfast Crew – Rugby | Music Video Release