Glass Olive - Portland, Oregon

It's funny how photo shoots always turn out differently than you expect. Olive just moved to New York City (yay, Olive!) so I knew I had to squeeze in a shoot before she left. Our original plan was sort of creepy and doll-inspired, but I recently watched the Grey Gardens documentary and I think it somehow entered in to my shoot! These images give me more of a lonely, crazed housewife vibe who likes to dress up, but I'm totally cool with that :) We also got to play with chickens, so that was fun too! I'm so excited for Olive and Annie (view my shoot with Annie here!). They have made such a mark here in Portland and I constantly run across photos of them. They are always creating and expressing themselves in such beautiful ways. It is so inspiring to be around people who crave art. So, I guess my point is... I'm truly glad to have encountered Olive and Annie before they left. New York won't know what hit it :)