Holga Double Exposures - 120 mm Black and White Film

OH my goodness. I can't tell you how excited I was when I picked up my film the other day and saw these photographs. These double exposures are real analog double exposures, taken with a Holga GCFN.

I had just sent one of my photos off to Virginia to participate in the 4th Annual Juried Art Show at Riverviews Artspace. While I was QUITE excited about getting a photo into the show, I was NOT excited about the shipping costs. Of course the frame was 3/4" too wide for the medium size box, and thus bumped the shipping from $40 up to $150. Since I am still searching for that dream photography job with which I will make unlimited amounts of spending money (yeah...right), this price nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Needless to say. My sadness soon turned into the sheerest of sheer joys! Yes, it is a competitive world out here in Portland. But as long as I keep seeing photos like this turn up in my film, I will keep trying.

All of the photos below are taken with a Holga GCFN - Fujifilm Neopan Acros -100 120 mm Black and White Film. Locations include Cannon Beach, Oregon, Yellowstone National Park, and various beaches along the East Coast.

& Thank you to my ultra beautiful/modelesque friend, Lauren.Β Check out her website, if you get a chance. She's created some amazing stuff.