Linda & Jason's Backyard Wedding in Milwaukie, Oregon

I LOVED shooting Linda & Jason's backyard wedding in Milwaukie, Oregon. It was relaxing and low-key, but every bit as special as the story of how Linda and Jason met. They were both working as inner-city volunteers in Wilmington, DE and lived in the same house. They weren't allowed to disclose their true feelings for each other as long as they were working together so they both had no idea how the other felt. At the end of the year, Jason gave Linda a stack of letters he had been writing to her throughout the year and told her his true feelings. How romantic is that?! Add ONE more twist to they story, a good friend of mine from Virginia, Ashleigh, mentioned she was going to be in town for a wedding that day. I had no idea it was the same wedding I was shooting! Turns out Ashleigh also lived with Jason and Linda in Wilmington and played a huge role in helping Linda deal with her feelings throughout that year. Small world, eh?

Ugh, & I can't get over how delicious the Voodoo Donuts look! A few polaroids and Holga images can be found at the end of the post, so don't miss those! Thanks for stopping by! Have a magical day! :)