Liz & Gerzon's Engagement Session on Sauvie Island | Portland, Oregon Engagement Photography

liz&gerzonbest-4Liz & Gerzon's engagement session on Sauvie Island involved lots of wind, sand, water and blankets. I always forget how close Portland is to so many beautiful locations. It was lots of fun exploring the island and getting to know Liz & Gerzon. I photographed her sister, Aimee's, wedding this summer and I was thrilled when Liz contacted me. Their family is unbelievably sweet. If you missed their wedding, check it out here! I can't wait to photograph Liz & Gerzon's wedding next August! Chris will be DJ-ing with me again as well! In case you didn't know, Chris and I are offering a special discounted wedding package if you book us together! Contact me for more details! In the meantime, here is a selection of my favorite photos from their engagement session. Don't forget to take a look at the rest of the Holga photos, located at the end of the post. Thanks for stopping by! liz&gerzonbest-11liz&gerzonbest-1liz&gerzonbest-3 liz&gerzonbest-4 liz&gerzonbest-5liz&gerzonbest-7 liz&gerzonbest-8 liz&gerzonbest-9 liz&gerzonbest-10 liz&gerzonbest-11 liz&gerzonbest-12liz&gerzonbest-14 liz&gerzonbest-15liz&gerzonbestliz&gerzonbest-17 liz&gerzonbest-18 liz&gerzonbest-19liz&gerzonbest-16 liz&gerzonbest-20 liz&gerzonbest-21 liz&gerzonbest-22 liz&gerzonbest-23 liz&gerzonbest-24 liz&gerzonbest-25 liz&gerzonbest-26 liz&gerzonbest-27 liz&gerzonbest-28 liz&gerzonbest-29 liz&gerzonbest-30 liz&gerzonbest-31 liz&gerzonbest-32 liz&gerzonbest-33 liz&gerzonbest-34 liz&gerzonbest-35 liz&gerzonbest-36 liz&gerzonbest-37 liz&gerzonbest-38 liz&gerzonbest-39 liz&gerzonbest-40 liz&gerzonbest-41liz&gerzonbest-46liz&gerzonbest-43 liz&gerzonbest-44liz&gerzonbest-47 liz&gerzonbest-48liz&gerzonbest-50 liz&gerzonbest-51 liz&gerzonbest-52liz&gerzonbest-56 liz&gerzonbest-53 liz&gerzonbest-54liz&gerzonbest liz&gerzonbest-10 liz&gerzonbest-9 liz&gerzonbest-8 liz&gerzonbest-6 liz&gerzonbest-5 liz&gerzonbest-3 liz&gerzonbest-2 liz&gerzonbest-7