Portland Wedding Photography - McMenamin's Edgefield | Dick & Emily

holga wedding photoDick & Emily's Wedding at McMenamin's Edgefield was so beautiful. First of all, Dick & Emily are beyond sweet. They were so kind to Chris and I throughout the entire process. Dick & Emily booked our Wedding Photography/DJ package so Chris and I worked together throughout the whole event to make sure everything flowed smoothly. Edgefield is a super fun place, if you haven't been there. Definitely one of my favorite McMenamin's locations because there is so much to do and explore. I used a variety of digital and film cameras to capture Dick & Emily's wedding. I even risked using a few expired Impossible Project Polaroids. Those things are tricky, but I kind of love how they turned out. See if you can spot them. ;)

I'm also working on a wedding video for Dick & Emily, so keep checking back for that! Lots more weddings to post soon too, so stay tuned, folks. :)

Ceremony/Reception Site - McMenamin’s Edgefield

Photography/Videography - Myles Katherine Photography

Gown: Poinsett Bride

Make Up Artist - Powder, Inc. (Jein king)

Invitations - Casey Doherty

Flowers - Swoon Floral

Catering/Accomodations/Rental Equipment - Edgefield Mcmenamins

Band / DJ / Music - In Debut Music

Cake - Sweet Pea Baking Co.

Officiant- Jeremiah Snyder (friend of the Bride & Groom)

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Portland Wedding Photography - McMenamin's Edgefield