Published in Coco Magazine's Debut Bridal Issue!

I can't tell you how excited I am that a selection of my photographs from my recent shoot with Cassie Meder were PUBLISHED in Coco Magazine's Debut Bridal Issue! This is the first time I've ever been published, and I can hardly believe it! Life has been absolutely insane lately. I've lived in Portland for almost a year now and it's crazy how many doors have been opened and how much I've learned. There is so much competition here and so many amazing photographers. I'm inspired every day and I'm in awe of the sincerity and kindness that I've come across in this whole process. While there have been a few rough patches, the majority of interactions I've had have been overwhelmingly positive and I'm starting to feel like I was meant to be here all along! My shoot with Cassie started with a more ghostly concept in mind, it ended up being perfect for Coco Magazine's Bridal Issue. You can view the full set of photos (and all of the other amazing editorials) on pages 106-113 HERE!!

It also helped that I had such an incredible team for this shoot! I couldn't have done it without those girls!

Styling: Marissa Essex

MUAH: Jessica Belknap

Model: Cassie Meder (CASSTRONAUT)

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