Shayna & Vernon | Trash the Dress Session | Portland, Oregon Photography

shayna&vernonbest-2I recently did my first Trash the Dress session. While we didn't destroy the dress or anything like that, it was still fun traipsing around in the woods with Shayna & Vernon. The lighting was magical that day, as it always tends to be in Forest Park. It was definitely nice having a little more time than I do at weddings to set up shots and such. As you can see, Shayna and Vernon are adorable together and it was so fun getting to know them. Thanks to Blossom and Beauty for the stunning hair and makeup! shayna&vernonbest-27shayna&vernonbest-1 shayna&vernonbest-2 shayna&vernonbest-3 shayna&vernonbest-4 shayna&vernonbest-5 shayna&vernonbest-6 shayna&vernonbest-7 shayna&vernonbest-8 shayna&vernonbest-9 shayna&vernonbest-10 shayna&vernonbest-11 shayna&vernonbest-12 shayna&vernonbest-13 shayna&vernonbest-14 shayna&vernonbest-15shayna&vernonbest-19shayna&vernonbest-21 shayna&vernonbest-22 shayna&vernonbest-23 shayna&vernonbest-24 shayna&vernonbest-25shayna&vernonbest-27 shayna&vernonbest-28 shayna&vernonbest-29 shayna&vernonbest-30 shayna&vernonbest-31shayna&vernonbest-33 shayna&vernonbest-34 shayna&vernonbest-35 shayna&vernonbest-36 shayna&vernonbest-37shayna&vernonbest-39 shayna&vernonbest-40 shayna&vernonbest-41 shayna&vernonbest-42 shayna&vernonbest-43 shayna&vernonbest-44 shayna&vernonbest-45 shayna&vernonbest-46 shayna&vernonbest-47 shayna&vernonbest-48 shayna&vernonbest-49 shayna&vernonbest-50 shayna&vernonbest-51 shayna&vernonbest-52 shayna&vernonbest-54 shayna&vernonbest-55 shayna&vernonbest-56 shayna&vernonbest-57 shayna&vernonbest-58 shayna&vernonbest-59 shayna&vernonbest-60 shayna&vernonbest-61 shayna&vernonbest-62shayna&vernon shayna&vernonbest-2See the rest of the photos from this shoot here!