Las Vegas on Film | Holga, Polaroid, 35mm


For my birthday last month, Chris and I flew to Las Vegas for a long weekend. We met up with my mom and sister and took sooo many photos. I'm lucky that my sister obsesses over capturing every moment of our trips like I do. We pretty much decided we only go on trips for the photographic opportunities. Then we go home and scrapbook the whole dang thing. Kinda nerdy but what else are we gonna do with all those photos? 

I've been slowly transitioning into shooting only film, and I realized on this trip that digital photography has pretty much phased itself out of my life. I used to take hundreds of digital photos every trip, with a few random film photos scattered in-between. In Vegas, I took about 30 digital photos total, and the rest was all film. It's taken a while to get to this point. I think I was mostly afraid that my film photos wouldn't turn out and that I wouldn't have any photos from my trip. But I feel such a connection to film photography, so I'm always much more excited about the images I get at the end of it all.