A Visit to Mount Hood in Oregon

Last weekend Chris and I decided to visit Mount Hood. It was supposed to rain that day, so I wasn't even sure it would be worth it. The day was perfect though! I didn't realize I could drive 90 minutes from Portland and be in the snow. I was so excited! I've been missing the east coast snow, and I think this trip Β helped with my homesickness a little bit. We drove up to the Timberline Lodge to see what it was like and to get a hot chocolate to-go (and because part of the Shining was filmed there...). I was quite devastated when the whipped cream and chocolate bits were forgotten on our hot chocolate because they were so busy, but it was still delicious nonetheless. We will definitely bring a sled with us next time so we can hang out at Mount Hood Meadows. :D We were lucky enough to catch the sunset from the very top of Mount Hood. It was kind of amazing.

Mount Hood