London, England - A Collection from my Travels

Last summer I traveled to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland with my sister. The experience still feels surreal to me, like I dreamed it all up. Luckily, I have these photos to remind me of how amazing it was. Of course, London only truly felt like London on our last day there when it was raining. On the London Eye we got a few of the whole city in the rain, and it was incredible (even though we were soaked from head to toe). We stayed in an amazing hotel called the Mint Hotel. We opted for the hotel that was a bit nicer in London, and stayed in a hostel in Scotland. We somehow happened to be walking by Buckingham Palace right before the Queen's Garden Party (I can't even say this in my mind without a British accent...) and witnessed the magic of British hats. We also got attacked by a crazy pug (see photo below)!

Paris prepared us for the confusion of the "tube", but even though everyone spoke English we still couldn't understand anyone. One thing is for sure though, the men in London sure know how to dress. ;)

Things to see & do:

  1. see Shrek the Musical at Theatre Royal Drury Lane (or a similar show - but my sister and I were dying over the kids crying for a "Gingy Poppet")
  2. walk the Millenium Bridge  to St. Paul's Cathedral
  3. go shopping in Piccadilly Circus 
  4. grab a bagel and a coffee and enjoy it alongside the River Thames at the Victoria Tower Gardens (it's a beautiful, quiet park right on the river)
  5. ride the London Eye (duh!)
  6. visit the Tower of London - not your typical "historic tour" - see the massive ravens circling the Bloody Tower
  7. see amazing art at  Tate Modern (just don't go when you're tired... my sister and I nearly had a meltdown)
  8. enjoy British afternoon tea at one of these places
  9. get lost in Hyde Park or Regent's Park (we literally did!) - the London Zoo is in Regent's Park
  10. Make it to the top of Tower Bridge, explore Westminster Abbey, & don't forget to see the London Bridge!