New music video release! "Bag of Bones" by Rugby


The past few months have been crazy. 2016 hasn’t been the greatest so far, but I’m hoping from this point on there will only be positivity and happy memories. I took some time off of photo shoots, regrouping and catching up on editing. I’ve also been working hard on this music video for my band, Rugby. My boyfriend, Chris, and I filmed the video in Astoria, Oregon in one day. We focused on getting unique and beautiful shots and angles, drawing inspiration from old French films. The song has been in the works for over 5 years, and will be on our upcoming full-length album, Worldly Wise, due to release this summer. I edited the video and came up with the concept so it honestly feels like I’m releasing a big part of my soul into the universe. I’d truly appreciate if you gave it a watch, and shared it with friends and family if you like it.

Have a beautiful weekend!