Oana & Mario's Wedding on Thunder Island in Cascade Locks, Oregon

oana&mariobest-2Oana & Mario were the first couple I booked when I moved to Portland. They have been so incredibly supportive of my work and I just can’t thank them enough. After shooting their engagement photos, we became good friends and I couldn’t be happier that they tied the knot! Oana & Mario are perfect for each other. It is obvious to everyone who spends time with them that they appreciate each other and take the time for support and encouragement. I could honestly go on for hours about how glad I am to have met them and how wonderful they are. Their wedding took place in on Thunder Island in Cascade Locks, a small town along the Columbia River. We also shot their engagement photos in the Columbia River Gorge. I am constantly in awe of Oregon and it’s beauty, and Oana & Mario chose the perfect location for their ceremony. With red, white and black as their wedding colors I was in photography Heaven. It’s extremely important to me to create photos that are timeless and classic. As I was editing these photos, the colors just seemed to represent everything that a great marriage needs; love, tradition, & family.  Everything about their wedding was timeless, romantic and elegant. Congratulations, Oana & Mario! I love you both!

Ceremony Site - Thunder Island (Portland Spirit at Port of Cascade Locks) Photography & VideographyMyles Katherine Photography (me!) Officiant - Larry Hansen Gown - David's Bridal Make Up Artist & Hair - Jasmine Sara Thomas - Blossom & Beauty Invitations - Vistaprint Flowers - Randi Rental Equipment - Perfect Day Rentals Band / DJ / Music - In Debut Music - Chris Baker Cake - Sweet Touch Cakes Transportation - To the Nines Limo Service


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