Oh Thumbelina | Holly Stalder | The Bird Bones


This is probably one of my favorite shoots to date. All of the ladies involved in this shoot are super talented, motivated and inspiring. Holly Stalder is a local designer and owner of Portland boutique, Haunt. Her clothing is whimsical and delicate in the most beautiful way. I’ve already decided that Holly is going to make my wedding dress. :) Gina (aka The Bird Bones) is my go-to hair and makeup artist, if you haven’t noticed already. She fuses darkness and beauty in my favorite kind of way. The model, Alina Philips (aka Oh Thumbelina), is one of the best models I have ever worked with. She has developed quite a social media following, and for good reason. She is incredible at conveying emotion, and it is obvious that she works hard and is honest in everything that she does. She has a quiet confidence that radiates out of her work, and I’m honored that I’ve been able to work with her twice now (view our first shoot with Iron Oxide Designs). I’m so excited that this shoot was featured by Whim Magazine AND Dark Beauty Magazine. I’m obsessed with both of these magazines! I have another shoot coming up with Holly, Gina and a lovely model named Kayla. If you like this set, make sure to keep an eye out for that one too!

Oh Thumbelina | Holly Stalder | The Bird Bones

Look 1: Dress by Holly Stalder

Look 2: Shirt by Holly Stalder

Necklace & Headpiece by DDSLL Girls

Look 3: Dress by Holly Stalder

Hair Clips by Julia Barbee

Look 4: Dress by Holly Stalder

Look 5: Gold Cape Shirt by Holly Stalder

Look 6: Skirt and top by Holly Stalder

Crown by Julia Barbee