Regarding an evil anti-gay comment on my blog...

cait&justinefilm-7-My intentions for my blog are not to use it as a political/belief platform or anything of the sort. However, I recently received this hideous comment on my blog, related to an engagement shoot I did with a lesbian couple here in Portland and I couldn't just let it be. These are two of the sweetest girls in the world, and I couldn't be happier that they chose me to be their photographer. "The situation depicted here, is just tragic. Not only have two attractive women made deplorable choices, they have removed themselves from the acceptable method of marriage: a man married to a woman. I don’t care what you think, and I don’t care if you are offended,: I am offended. Am I supposed to be in adoration of this? I’m not. The World has been stood on its head and now backward is forward. Dennis"

I'm aware that there are a million opinions out there related to this sort of thing. But wake up World (and Dennis), it's 2013. Homosexuality has existed since the beginning of time. The only difference is that now people are experiencing greater freedoms and it is talked about openly. I think what makes me the most angry about this comment is that he used the phrase "attractive women", as if that makes some sort of difference in terms of sexuality. If you have an opinion about this subject, keep it to yourself. You aren't making any sort of difference. No one is going to change their mind. If it bothers you so much, don't look at the photos! I don't care!

Thank you Dennis, for wasting your time and making absolutely no difference in the world. Great job.

In case you missed it, here is Justine & Cait's engagement session again!

-Myles Katherine